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Monday, June 27, 2022

Big Brother 24: Am I blogging this year?

Hey BB addicts! After much thought and consideration, I've decided to NOT blog this season of Big Brother 24. I had made this decision pretty much after last season, but wanted to 'sleep on it' until this season to officially decide if I am not coming back. 

When I had first started blogging BB, I was a new fan, super intrigued by the game and how it's basically a game of chess with people. I loved all the different personalities, different views all of them had, the drama, the fights, the super sweet moments, etc. All of it! But over the past several years, it's been slowly dying. Not only TV show wise, but also behind the scenes for us bloggers. To put it bluntly, none of us are getting paid anywhere near what we used to. Some have been able to chug along in hopes of a good season to make more, as others bailed out around the time these behind the scene changes happened. Those people were probably smarter than the rest of us. lol This blog relied heavily on donations to get me through and y'all really pulled through and kept me here season after season! I am forever grateful for every single one of you who have supported the blog over the years! 

Thank you!! 

So between the lack of interest (on my part), and with the payouts pretty much evaporating, it just doesn't make sense to me to continue blogging any longer. Mix that in with the fact that I haven't had a free summer in 14 years, it's just time to hang up my hat.

Will you ever come back to blog? 

Never say never. If the show switches production (such as Allison Grodner leaving), or casting nails it one year and it's just too good to not blog about, then I might be interested enough to come back.

Why put up the blog just to tell us that you're done? 

There's 3 reasons why. (1) Because I just didn't want to disappear from the BB addicts family. I felt that y'all deserved an explanation, details on my decision and (2) if this season, by some BB miracle, turns out be epic, then maybe I'll have to jump back online and blog. ;) So I wanted the blog to be up and ready in case that happens. (I'm not holding my breath, though.) (3) I wanted to post a link in case any of y'all still needed to signup for the feeds this year. Didn't wanna leave you hanging.

*Get the LIVE FEEDS here!*

 How's your life/your dogs/etc? 

AMAZING! It's also what makes this decision to walk away, incredibly easier. :) Benny and Brianna (our dogs) will both be turning 4 this year, if y'all can believe that! That also means that it's already been 4 years since Bella passed away. :( I still miss her every single day. She was my soul dog. She was also a huge part of this blog for many years, often at my feet as I typed or resting her head on my arm and looking up at me as I blogged. :) I miss her so much!! In other news, my hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year! Woot woot!! :D

And that's it! For the first time in 14 years (15 seasons), I won't be waking up to do Overnighters 7 days a week anymore. I won't be hurrying up to get snacks before having to blog the live shows. I'll also get my Thursday nights back. It's all going to be so weird for me at first, I'm sure. When you do something for so long, it becomes a part of you. It'll definitely be different for me.

This season of Big Brother starts on Wednesday July 6th at 8pm! I hope y'all enjoy this season and don't worry, I'll still be watching the show when I can and I'll be tweeting with y'all over on twitter from time to time.

Words cannot say how grateful I've been all these years, to have been able to do something that I loved and all because of y'alls support. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being with me all these years!! I'll miss you guys & gals!! Be good to one another. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Live life. Have fun!

Signing off,

Jamie and Bella from the rainbow bridge


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